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To the teacher Milton Ramirez

To teacher Milton Ramirez
This is a special post written by another professor in Ecuador Universities. He works in the port of Manta, northern Quito.

He posted in Spanish:

Hola maestro Milton Ramirez

Agradezco su generosa decisión de incluir mi Dialogo con Joselias en la celebración BlogDay de GlobalVoice. Actos como el suyo estimulan los esfuerzos para mantener viva la identidad cultural manabita y su reconocimiento en la sociedad mundial. Estoy presto a recibir sus comentarios y críticas respecto de este agradable trabajo virtual.

Top 10 Language Technology Blogs 2009

Top Languages Blog
Last year, we made the Top 10 Languages Technology Blogs 2009, honored to Education & Tech.

Here you will find the Top 10 Language Blogs in the category ‘Language Technology’. This category is for blogs discussing technology as part of the language learning process.

TonNet or Milton Ramirez

Tonnet or Milton Ramirez
For many years now I have been using indistinctly both names. When I first started blogging I wanted to be an anonymous person but things have changed and while in the Internet there is no secrets.

Milton Ramirez was my first website -miltonramirez.com now in power of other scam like net where I hope can recover it some day.

That's why you have miltonramirez.net now


This is the place where you'll find Milton Ramirez, not hiding but talking about the development and advance o edtech.